Let’s plant mangroves even though it’s not mangrove day!

It’s been a month since we celebrated mangrove’s day. In order to increase community awareness of the importance of mangroves, on 26th July 2021 Titian invite community to celebrating International Mangrove Day. In that day, we planting 35 Xylocarpus, sp at the sea side of the orchard (Muara Ulu Besar). Although Xylocarpus doesn’t dominate in the Mahakam Delta area, we still try to plant it to see its resilience.

Based on vegetal formation, the delta area can be divided into several zones namely pedada zone, bakau zone, transition  zone,  nypa  zone,  and  nibung  zone. The  pedada  zone  is  located  closest  to  the  delta  front  and  is  characterized  by  pedada  (Sonneratia  alba)  and  api-api  (Avicennia  sp.)  with  vegetal  thickness about 100–150 m. The  bakau (Rhizopora) zone is found mostly in the bank of  tributary  channels  in  the  lower  delta  area  and  on  an  island  like  in  Tunu  and  Selete  islands.    The  transition  zone  is  a  mixed  zone  where  many  species  of  mangrove  such  as  api-api  (Avicennia  sp.),  pedada  (Sonneratiacaseolaris),  bakau  (Rhizopora  sp.),  tancang  (Bruguiera  sp.),  nyirih  (Xylocarpus  granatum),  and  nipah  (Nypa  fruticans)  grow  together.

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